Telegram App Transforming Into Super App Thx To WeChat

Telegram App Transforming Into Super App Thx To WeChat techwai tech wai

Telegram App transforming into Super App Thx to WeChat. Telegram’s Evolution Towards a Super App: Learning from WeChat’s Success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of messaging apps, Telegram stands out as a formidable player with an impressive 800 million monthly active users worldwide.

What’s even more intriguing is Telegram’s gradual shift toward adopting an ecosystem strategy that bears a striking resemblance to the renowned WeChat super app model.

This intriguing development is gaining momentum with the assistance of two influential partners: the TON Foundation, Telegram’s crypto collaborator, and Tencent, the parent company of WeChat. Trending Tech News tech wai techwai

Telegram’s vision revolves around creating a versatile ecosystem where third-party developers can craft mini apps that seamlessly interact with users.

Telegram App transforming into super app.

In the words of Telegram itself, “Developers can use JavaScript to create infinitely flexible interfaces that can be launched right inside Telegram — and can completely replace any website.”

This vision of an all-encompassing super app platform is supported by a network of infrastructure partners hailing from both the traditional tech sphere and the crypto domain.

One such vital partner is The Open Network (TON) Foundation, responsible for laying the blockchain foundation for Telegram while maintaining its independence.

In a recent development, the TON Foundation announced a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud, a move set to enhance TON’s computational capabilities and network bandwidth support.

This collaboration opens doors for exciting possibilities, especially for Telegram games built on TON, which can harness Tencent Cloud’s advanced gaming solutions and expertise.

The partnership extends its benefits to all projects built on TON, with Tencent Cloud offering dedicated cloud credits and product discounts through its Tencent Cloud Startup Program, subject to approval.

Telegram App Transforming Into Super App Thx To WeChat techwai tech wai
Telegram App Transforming Into Super App Thx To WeChat

This synergy between TON and Tencent Cloud sets the stage for an exciting convergence of technology and innovation, potentially reshaping the landscape of mini apps on messaging platforms.

Tencent’s overseas expansion efforts have been gaining momentum, especially in its cloud computing business, which has made notable appearances at tech and crypto conferences.

The partnership with Telegram aligns perfectly with Tencent’s ambitions for global reach, and it could reap substantial rewards if Telegram’s mini-app marketplace replicates the success of its Chinese counterpart, WeChat.

Drawing Inspiration from WeChat’s Success

While Tencent Cloud may not become TON’s exclusive cloud provider, the potential for collaboration and mutual benefits is evident.

WeChat, with its vast user base, has pioneered the mini app model in China, boasting millions of mini apps that cater to various needs, including payments, food delivery, e-commerce, ride-hailing, and even driver’s license renewal.

The similarities between WeChat mini apps and Telegram mini apps are striking, leading to the belief that developers from WeChat who are already using Tencent’s cloud services may start building on TON.

However, bridging the gap between WeChat’s predominantly Chinese user base and Telegram’s international community presents unique challenges.

Telegram App Transforming With MiniApps

Telegram App Transforming Into Super App With MiniApps techwai tech wai
Telegram App Transforming Into Super App With MiniApps

For instance, developers accustomed to creating apps for WeChat users may need to adapt to the diverse preferences and requirements of Telegram’s global audience.

Mobile game developers could have an advantage in this regard, as many of them are already well-versed in marketing their games to overseas markets.

Nevertheless, since Telegram is inaccessible in China, developers would first need to familiarize themselves with the app before creating meaningful applications for the platform.

Additionally, developers would have to acquire proficiency in programming languages for blockchain apps. Surprisingly, this might be a less formidable barrier compared to grasping the intricacies of the economic incentives that underpin decentralized applications. Trending Tech News tech wai techwai

The Potential Impact of the Tencent Partnership

Collaborating with Tencent offers Telegram and TON valuable insights into encouraging users to utilize their messenger for a wide range of purposes beyond traditional messaging.

Telegram App transforming into super app.

Payment functionality played a pivotal role in WeChat’s rapid ascent, establishing a habit among users to conduct daily transactions through the chat app.

WeChat’s strategy involved making its in-house payments system the default option, ultimately transforming it into a lucrative revenue stream for Tencent. In contrast, Telegram has integrated with over 20 payment solutions and takes no commission through its Bot Payments API.

In a recent development, Telegram introduced a self-custodial wallet developed independently by The Open Platform (TOP) using the TON blockchain. This crypto wallet has the potential to introduce a wide array of transaction scenarios to regions where centralized online payments are not readily available.

The Evolution Unfolds

As Telegram and TON draw inspiration from WeChat’s playbook and embark on the journey of building a mini-app platform with a decentralized twist, the tech world watches with anticipation.

While WeChat’s dominance in China is unparalleled, Telegram’s international appeal and commitment to decentralization offer a unique blend of features.

Final Thoughts On Telegram App Transforming Into Super App

The lessons learned from WeChat’s success story could prove invaluable for Telegram’s future growth and adoption.

Telegram’s super app strategy, when fully realized, has the potential to revolutionize the way users interact with messaging platforms and the services they offer.

As we await the evolution of Telegram into a true super app, the possibilities are boundless, and the journey promises to be nothing short of fascinating. Trending Tech News tech wai techwai

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